Our simulators are the result of years of experience in the motorsport industry, endless research into state of the art technology and the most realistic simulator software available. We have created the very best simulators to accurately recreate the full experience of driving on track. They have been tried and tested by racing drivers, trackday enthusiasts and gamers and everyone agrees that they are the most realistic, driver-orientated simulators on the market, for even the most demanding driver!

The simulators are fully personalised and adjustable to each individual driver’s needs. The software allows users to drive virtually all types of car on any one of hundreds of circuits around the World. This offers unlimited driver training and race engineering opportunities, whether you’re preparing for a trackday or your next race. By combining simulator time with real driving on track you can improve your technique, decrease your lap times and develop the car at a fraction of the time and cost of testing on track. It’s great fun too!

Can you benefit from a simulator?

Anyone can enjoy the experience of driving a simulator from a novice driver to an expert racer. However, our simulators are set up with realism in mind and so it is an intense experience which will test you to your limit both mentally and physically. If you’d like to try out a simulator for yourself, contact us for a trial, or come and see us at one of our race day events

Did you know, that our great simulators are also available to hire? These are an excellent addition to events, corporate training activities and trackdays. Please contact us to find out more.

Investing in a high-quality, realistic simulator like ours can help you in the following ways:

  • Improve your driving technique and get valuable track experience without the expense of brakes, tyres and petrol
  • Hone your driving skills by practicing with hydraulic pedals (including clutch), commercial quality force feedback steering system, sequential, H-shift or paddle gear shift systems and even a hand brake for rally applications
  • Train your body and mind to cope with the strains and stresses of driving on the limit on track. The G-force motion seat helps with the physical and mental strengthening to cope with the extreme physical forces and conditions put onto the body.
  • Learn, or fine tune all the available car set-ups on different circuits before you arrive on your test day. Time spent in the simulator costs nothing and allows drivers and teams to efficiently utilise track time.
  • Get to know a circuit before an event and improve lap times by using the simulator to practice before you arrive
  • Promote your team and sponsors by having a branded simulator accompany you to race days and events 

But don’t just take our word for it! Read our testimonials above or check out our videos  and see what experienced and demanding drivers have to say

An example of one of our sims in action: